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Readers Write

I know of no greater need behind the pulpits in America than for sound, biblical preaching.  With that in mind, I commend to you the Christ-honoring, expositional, exalting, teaching of Franklin Kirksey.  You will be helped by his ministry.  Blessings!  Pastor Johnny Hunt

Dr. Johnny Hunt, senior pastor First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia.  Dr. Hunt serves as president of the Southern Baptist Convention (2008) and served as president of the Pastors’ Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1996.  In 1997 Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary endowed the Chair of Church Growth in honor of Johnny Hunt.  Dr. Hunt has followed his vision of ministering encouragement, instruction and refuge to church leaders of all generations through the Timothy Barnabas Ministry for the past 14 years.  Dr. Hunt is the author of many books to include Building Your Spiritual Resume: Developing A Testimony That Will Outlast You. 


We are all indebted to Dr. Kirksey for his excellent research, dedication, and implementation of Sound Biblical Preaching.  This generation is in dire need not only for instruction on the "how" exegesis but a model to follow.  Dr. Kirksey has given us both.  Sound Biblical Preaching is what every man who steps in the pulpit should be about.


Dr. Mac Brunson, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Brunson previously served as senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, for seven years, in addition to working as chancellor of Criswell College. He was president of the Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference in 2003 and president of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina from 1997-1999.  Dr. Brunson is the author and co-author of many books to include The New Guidebook for Pastors.


Has preaching fallen on hard times?  An open debate continues.  Should the preacher seek to preach a biblical text through an expository sermon?  Or should the preacher address the sermon to the “felt needs” of the congregation?  Many evangelicals have chosen the second approach, resulting in a loss of biblical authority and biblical content in the sermon.  Dr. Kirksey has presented the closing argument in this debate!  He has written this insightful book to remind us yet once again of the need of the hour---a recovery of biblical preaching!  This lucid work, a veritable encyclopedia of homiletical insight, will help the young preacher clarify his call to the ministry and begin to develop the discipline of a God-centered life that is essential for a fruitful preacher of the gospel.  Read this volume and you will be encouraged!

Jay T. Robertson, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor of Christian Studies,University of Mobile          

Are you seeking a vital union with God and a deeper sense of personal wholeness? Then let Dr. Kirksey help to break up the 'fallow ground'. His insights in Sound Biblical Preaching are down-to-earth, practical and thoroughly Biblical.  He delves to the heart of what it means to “preach the word” with conviction and power. This collection of wisdom deserves a serious reading by the serious pastor and the hungry teacher.  -Stephen Goforth, CNN

I enjoyed reading Sound Biblical Preaching. In fact, I had to read it in one setting because I was so intrigued by it I couldn't put it down.  I think I preached with more unction the next Sunday!!  I plan on purchasing some copies for our pastors and using it to encourage them.  Well done
Marc D. Howard
Director of Missions, Lee/Itawamba Baptist Assns, Mississippi

In “Sound Biblical Preaching” my friend and fellow preacher of the Gospel, Dr. Franklin Kirksey, has issued a needed call for careful preparation and enthusiastic delivery of expository sermons. While the entire book is a great resource for any preacher, his chapter entitled “The Delivery of Sound Biblical Sermons” is a must read. Already, I have given this book to several preachers.

Dr. Larry C. Patterson
Director of Missions
Baldwin Baptist Association
Baldwin County, Alabama

Dr. Kirksey, Your book, Sound Biblical Preaching, is a very valuable addition to my library, and it would be a helpful tool for any pastor or preacher.  I refer to it quite often and it is a good read. Cecil L. Kirksey  

Cecil L. Kirksey of Wagoner, Oklahoma, was born again in 1947 after a revival meeting in Miami, Oklahoma, when his dad, a Baptist preacher, led him to the Lord.  Kirksey served 8 years in the United States Army Reserves and he was discharged on September 1, 1964 as Chief of Firing Battery, Staff Sergeant E-6, “B” Battery, 4th Howitzer Battalion, 32 Artillery, 4th Army, stationed in Miami, Oklahoma.  Kirksey worked for various companies covering five states for over 50 years.  Through a series of promotions he retired as a Buyer and Sales Manager with Fleming Companies, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in October of 2001.  Mr. Kirksey and his wife, Loretta, are members of the First Baptist Church of Hulbert, Oklahoma.


"Comments on Sound Biblical Preaching by Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey
In this helpful book Dr. Kirksey deals both with theological soundness and practical help in preaching. He encourages us to have confidence in the authority and relevance of the Bible and the importance of preaching based on Bible truth. This book can provide guidance to inexperienced preachers and encouragement to those who have grown discouraged in the ministry."
Tommy Shipp, pastor, First Baptist Church, French Settlement, La.

This is a wonderful book that every preacher must read. It gives preachers a warning and at the same time help and a reminder of our responsibilities. It also gives a call to preachers to let the Bible speak on issues of life so that people will hear the voice of God and not men.
This is a timely book in the light of what is happening around the world.
Read it and it will change your perspective on your responsibility of preaching God's word.

Rev. Yaw Ofori
Evangelism and Missions Director
Ghana Baptist Convention
Ghana, Africa

Dr. Kirksey has written what will be a very valuable asset for all preachers of the gospel. His concern for sound biblical preaching is evidenced by his own passion for the word, and his compassion for the ultimate end result of sound biblical preaching; To exalt the savour; To edify the saints; To evangelize the lost. Well done brother Frank. To God be the glory.

John Sigler, pastor, Springhill Baptist Church, Franklin, AL


"It is really exciting to see a book that lives up to its title..Sound Biblical Preaching! Dr. Kirksey is committed to sound biblical preaching and this fact is revealed on each page. His love for the innerant Word of God is evident. Every preacher, especially young preachers, should add this book to their library and absorb the great truths contained herein. The Apostle Paul admonished the young preacher, Timothy to "Preach the Word.
Be instant in season and out of season.." (II Timothy 4:2). If you are called of God to preach the Word, this book will excite, inspire and strengthen you to "Preach the Word."

Dr. Paul Blanchard
Associational Missions Director
Winston Baptist Association
Louisville, Mississippi

I have read your book and was greatly blessed. This book has the greatest collection of the finest quotes from preachers through the ages. I highly recommend this book to not only help pastors in sermon preparation but also to encourage the soul in the work of the preacher.
God bless,
Kerry L. Skinner
Biblical Counseling Institute
235 North Circle
Fairhope, AL 36532
(251) 401-0293
Rev. Kerry L. Skinner has served in pastoral roles for 30 years with an emphasis in Christian discipleship and pastoral counseling. He has co-authored many books with Dr. Henry Blackaby and Dr. Henry Brandt. Kerry also has developed and written curriculum for Prison Fellowship Ministry.
A graduate of Campbellsville College—where he served two terms as a Trustee—and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kerry has served in several churches as Associate Minister and Minister of Christian Education. Kerry also served as associate to Dr. Henry Blackaby in the office of Prayer, Revival, and Spiritual Awakening for the North American Mission Board and later served as executive vice-president of Henry Blackaby Ministries.
For almost ten years, Kerry spoke across North America in conferences for all levels of Christian leadership. God used the message placed in Kerry’s life to share in hundreds of conferences on the subjects of Biblical counseling, repentance, family life, and personal discipleship. His books help people to practically deal with life-dominating issues and include, The Heart of the Problem, The Word for the Wise, and Marriage God’s Way. He is currently completing his doctorate at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 

"Dr. Franklin Kirksey is qualified to write about Sound Biblical Preaching because this is his life. Dr. Kirksey has practiced sound biblical preaching for many years. Dr. Kirksey demonstrates a grasp of the principles of preaching the Word of God."
Dr. John H. Killian, D.Min., Pastor Maytown Baptist Church, Maytown, Alabama, Adjunct Professor New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, President, 2006 Alabama Baptist Pastors Conference

In Sound Biblical Preaching, Dr. Franklin Kirksey skillfully and meticulously synergizes the thoughts of innumerable recognized authorities into a priceless catalog of inspiration and wisdom. Kirksey’s work is a “must read” for preachers and preachers-to-be who aspire to effectively proclaim the Word of God. The breadth of his writing speaks first to Kirksey’s scholarly stamina and acumen and secondly—and perhaps most profoundly—to his passion for and dedication to the practice of sound biblical preaching. If you agree with Paul E. Scherer that, “The only thing that can take the place of preaching is better preaching,” read Sound Biblical Preaching. You’ll be on your way to “better preaching.”

Bart Cannon, Author, Champions through Christ: Winning the Game of Life

2004 Dallas/Fort Worth Writer of the Year, American Christian Writers Association  


December 12, 2007

 Dear Dr. Frank, "I am in enthusiastic praise for all believers to read your book [Sound Biblical Preaching], whether being called to ordained ministry in Jesus name or not.  God bless you for bringing God's Word to us each Sunday."  In Jesus name,  Mrs. Ivel Patterson Caldwell 

Mrs. Ivel Patterson Caldwell was born on January 10, 1913 in Mobile, Alabama; Mrs. Caldwell was in the first graduating class of Murphy High School in 1930.  She was married to James Francis Caldwell on August 25, 1934.  She encouraged her husband’s educational pursuit as he received the Ed. D. from Columbia University in New York.  Mrs. Caldwell offered tireless support to her husband, who served as Chief Education Advisor for the United States Government and the governments of Iraq (Baghdad), Jordan (Amman), and Indonesia (Djakarta), and later as Vice President for Development and Contracts at the University of South Alabama.  Dr. Caldwell made the following dedication in his book titled, Magic-No!  Miracle-Yes!  The Founding and Early Development of the University of South Alabama: “This book is dedicated to my wife Ivel P. Caldwell for her invaluable assistance in its creation.”  In 1993, the Caldwell’s children established an endowment scholarship named the James and Ivel Caldwell International Studies Program at the University of South Alabama.  Mrs. Caldwell has a long-standing interest in missions and has walked with the Lord for many years.  She has the distinction of being the oldest member of First Baptist Church of Spanish Fort, Alabama.  Mrs. Caldwell went to be with the Lord on July 22, 2008. 


January 2, 2008

Dear Dr. Kirksey,


“Your book [Sound Biblical Preaching] is one that I will recommend for pastors, young ministers, and laymen interested in sound biblical preaching. I am interested in translating your book into Spanish and we can make personal arrangements to finalize this task in order to help our Hispanic pastors with a good book like yours.”

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Alex Pajaro

Pastor Alejandro "Alex" Pajaro serves as Hispanic ministries director, Elmore Baptist Association, Wetumpka, Alabama. Pajaro has been in the preaching ministry for more than forty years and is involved in mentoring Hispanic ministers. He received a bachelor of theology degree from the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Cali, Columbia, South America; a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Saint Leo College, Saint Leo, Florida; and a master of education degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. The Alabama Baptist highlighted the ministry of Alejandro Pajaro in the November 21, 2002, and is available from the following URL: . 

"As I read this new book concerning preaching, I am pleased to read the word, 'sound', because this describes that which is free from error, fallacy, and apprehension, and those are not ways to preach from the Bible. The word 'sound' also indicates what is being suggested by the author refers to that which is based on thorough knowledge and experience.
In this particular volume Dr. Kirksey reminds us with convincing evidence that preaching involves presenting the truth, not speculations or personal opinions. Moreover, the emphasis is underscored many times in the book by quotations from others who write compellingly that out of the divine truth of the Bible there comes the powerful relation of the Scripture and the sermon. Furthermore, this well-read author reminds preachers that the theme of every sermon is a passage of truth found in the text, and that provides to those who hear, meaningful and life-challenging truth.
Dr. Kirksey's scholarship provides the deepest foundation for those who teach and preach, giving God's Word a voice.
I appreciate the author's honest ability to give preaching a spiritual depth. He additionally indicates that preaching is one of the chief means in the spread of the gospel; with the distinction of speading God's great love and grace in exposition of eternal life and truth."

Glenn M. Gring, Retired Pastor, Hospital Chaplain, and Counselor; Former Chaplain, University of South Alabama Medical Center, Mobile, Alabama; Former Director Baptist Student Union (now Baptist Campus Ministry), University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama


"This book is great I believe a must read for young pastors. We have a study course in our association and are thinking about using this book for a must read."

Jim Seago, Director of Missions Pulaski Baptist, Waynesville, Missouri 

"This is one of the most comprehensive, well-written books for young pastors and those preparing for the ministry.  It offers a wealth of advice from Dr. Kirksey as well as excerpts from a multitude of renowned pastors and authors throughout history.  Copies of this book should be in every pastor's study as well as church libraries for prospective pastors."
Evelyn Glass, Librarian, Cottage Hill Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama 
September 18, 2006
Dear Pastor Kirksey:
I will say without any hesitation I would have no problem in offering your book to someone, even if there was no "calling to preach".
[Sound] Biblical Preaching is easy to read and understand.  It is challenging and thought provoking.
First of all, if the person has not been to Calvary, it is time to bow at the feet of Jesus who gave his life for you, me and all.
It is the word of God that saves souls and not our comments on them.  Smite them with the edge of the SWORD.  (I think Spurgeon said this).  To me, it is the beginning of sound Biblical preaching.
Sharon, as you stand by your husband, my prayers will always be for gentle moments, soft words and acts of kindness to surround you both.  Now it is your turn to write something for the pastors' wives, from these times forward.
God bless you and keep you both and guide you in all you do.
"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that publish it." Psalm 68:11
In Jesus Name
Dorothy Jones
Dorothy P. Jones, former Director, Cottage Hill Baptist Church Tract Ministry, Mobile, Alabama

"I recommend Dr. Franklin's book to all. . .Sound Biblical Preaching has really assisted us in Kenya. . . "
Pastor Fredrick Makhanu, Co-Founder MEIF International Fire Ministries,
Kenya, East Africa


"Dr. Kirksey's book, 'Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving The Bible A Voice,' is one of the finest books on preaching I have ever read. It is a must read for the newly called preacher, for the man in the midst of ministry and for the seasoned man of God who has preached for many years. I have been preaching God's Word for almost 39 years and I can say without equivocation that I wish this book had been available when I began my ministry. Get this book - it will renew your calling, enhance your ministry and help to enflame your preaching!"

Dr. J. Mike Minnix


Georgia Baptist Convention

Atlanta, Georgia


Franklin Kirksey is not only a close, personal friend, but an intellectual, who has devoted himself to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. His new book on expository preaching is not only a  " must read "  for the young minister, but also, for the veteran pastor/teacher as well.

This isn't your  " garden variety "  guide book to be placed on a shelf. It is a definition of the pathos and depth of true preaching that will enhance and motivate an individual who desires to really teach and preach God's written word.
Whether you are a pastor, evangelist, Sunday school teacher, layman or college professor: the culmination from the mind of this esteemed and humble thinker/writer of our age should be a staple in your personal library for as long as you share the " incorruptible seed, which liveth and abideth forever ".
If this book is not in a class by itself, be assured, it will not take too long for roll call.
Kim Wolverton, minister, athletic coach and bible teacher, Carthage, Mississippi

"I have read your book and feel refreshed and challenged so much.   Your book is nice and it is a walking tool alongside the Bible that any minister who wants to grow in preaching should never miss. Personally, I am encouraged by both your testimonies and your encouraging words in it." **************************
"Your book Sound Biblical Preaching is so powerful and many people are getting blessed. I did finish with recommending on it last time but I feel to let you know how blessed we are. We have begun seeing several changes in our preaching from since we began reading it and we have seen our preachings get shaped after we began reading your good book. God bless you."
Rev. Richard WasikeBulimbo, Kenya, Africa, Richminster Christian Foundation


"Sound Biblical Preaching is a must read for those who are interested in preaching from A-Z, it is definitive as well as informative and constructive. This preacher has mined the vast vineyard of expositors over the centuries that have impacted preaching and preachers for centuries and put this in one volume, masterpiece of a volume that speaks to our generation of preachers to sharpen the focus of their preaching that it is biblical and sound, giving the bible a voice in this generation.
This volume effectively starts from A-Z of preaching and I endorse it wholeheartedly as it deals with the foundational issues that preaching touches, the desire to preach, the decison to become a preacher and the delight of preaching to name but a few. This should be recommended reading/syllabus material for preachers who gather their young preachers together to instruct them and on the recommended reading list of bible colleges."
Michael Ologun, London, England, freelances in England teaching expository preaching and biblical preaching in the United Kingdom and Europe and the USA. at churches and Bible colleges.

"Sound Biblical Preaching is a 'must read' for any pastor/preacher who desires to be the best communicator possible.  Dr. Franklin Kirksey has done a masterful job of reminding church leaders that their first calling is to 'preach the Word.'   I highly recommend his book both to the young preacher - as well as to us 'seasoned veterans,' whom all are still in the process of learning the tender art of effectively preaching God's Word."
Dr. Harold D. Fanning, Senior Pastor, Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Decatur, Alabama.  Dr. Fanning  served as President of the Alabama Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference 2005 and is the author of Life in the Skillet (Xulon Press, August 2005) Available on Amazon.  Article in The Alabama Baptist is available from .  More information on Life in the Skillet from: .   Dr. Fanning teaches preaching at Whitesburg/Heritage Bible College in Huntsville, Alabama and he is available to speak to various groups and events.   

"I highly recommend Sound Biblical Preaching, written by Dr. Franklin Kirksey to be a part of any pastor's or evangelist's "must read" list.  Like a cookbook filled with ideas, recipies, and helpful suggestions to make a tasty meal, this book will help any preacher to craft sermons that are biblical, but pleasingly palatable to the spiritually hungry.  It will also inspire and encourage the preacher personally to fulfill the call to preach the Word."
Walter M. Blackman, pastor of East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle, Alabama and frequent writer of LifeWay Sunday School material, LifeWay Church Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee.  

Sound Biblical Preaching is a journey back to one's call into the ministry.  In life's journey we need gentle, sometimes subtle and urgent, reminders of our mission.  Franklin does that in his work.  It is a must read to rejuvenate those who grow weary in ministering and to inspire those who are embarking on the greatest calling in life.  When preaching grows stale it is because it is not sound biblical preaching. 
Thanks Franklin for reminding us of our calling and the great privilege and responsibility  of preaching God's Word.
Dr. Bobby E. Hopper, Director of Missions, Bethel Baptist Assoication, Linden, Alabama.

Sound Biblical Preaching, From a letter dated December 29, 2005: 

"Wish I had it in my early ministry.  It is well written.  You have the pen of a ready writer."

Rev. Nathan L. "Tom" Robinson, age 94 , Baton Rouge, Louisiana, born on January 25, 1912 in Coffeeville, Alabama.  Robinson served as a U.S. Army Chaplain in World War II (1942-1947) he has also served as chaplain Baton Rouge General Hospital and the Chemical Dependency Unit.  Robinson completed 75 years of service in the gospel ministry.  He served 7 churches, all in Louisiana, the first was Friendship Baptist Church, Bienville, Louisiana and the last was Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Eunice, Louisiana.  Rev. Robinson went to be with the Lord on February 1, 2007 from League City, Texas. 


Your book Sound Biblical Preaching is right down my alley.  I love preaching and studying preachers of yesteryear. Your book Sound Biblical Preaching is one that I believe, after the Bible, every student of preaching God's word should have as a handbook.  Your quotes and great amount of research is and would be an asset to every expositor of God's word.  Thanks for writing the book.
Dr. Mark A. Wood, pastor,
First Baptist Church Fultondale, Alabama

Dear Frank,


“[Sound Biblical Preaching] is incredible.  You are a gifted writer and communicator.  Your book will remain a treasured part of my library.  May God’s richest blessings continue on you and your house.”


Yours in Christ,


Douglas N. Shelton, senior pastor

Anchor of Hope Community Church

Semmes, Alabama

"I read Dr. Franklin Kirksey's book Sound Biblical Preaching for positive inspiration, practical information, and prominent instruction. This book should be a vital part of your preaching library!"

David Cook, Pastor of Colonial Woods Baptist Church, Lawrenceville, GA