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Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice is a comprehensive book on preaching that remarkably provides a survey of the whole subject in a short page span. Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey presents a compendium of information that is a veritable anthology of great preachers, past and present, to encourage, instruct and inspire the reader. This highly recommended book has a motivational message for the beginning preacher, the seasoned veteran of the pulpit and for one exploring God’s call to preach the Word. As a result of careful reading and extensive research, Kirksey offers many practical "how to" insights, for example: How to accept the call of God; How to make sure you have been called and How to understand and undertake the call of God. The author insightfully weaves the sobering realities of the pastorate and the heavenly idealism of the pulpit ministry into this practical handbook that should be required reading for every preaching class. This “must read” book has been described as “very readable,” and “a fast read with powerful punch.”  

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'Unction' is missing ingredient in much preaching

In his book Sound Biblical Preaching, Franklin L. Kirksey writes,"Unquestionably, unction is a result of the preacher's private life of devotion and prayer. This is what makes the preacher powerful in the pulpit. The sense of urgency is born out of a personal relationship with the living Lord. The note of unction and urgency will be missing from the delivery of the message if the preacher fails to be dedicated, devoted, and prayerful.

"Without the active ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the preacher, there will never be the vital connection between the pulpit and the pew that is necessary to effectively communicate God's truth. This ministry on behalf of the preacher is called the anointing, which has been defined as a special touch for a specific task. It is essential for preaching to genuinely affect lives.

"As preachers of God's Holy Word, we must remember the words of George Atkins, 'All is vain unless the Spirit of the Holy One comes down!'"

Quoted in PreachingNow a publication of American Ministry Resources 

Book Reviews

April 11, 2007
Dear Franklin,
I've been reading your book, Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice, and love it.
What a great book! This is a book that will teach seminary students and preachers everywhere what to do and how to do it.  It's practical, Biblical and such a gift to preachers.  But it's more than's devotional.  The pedagogical material is, of course, so good.  But this is the kind of book that puts "gasoline" into a preacher's "engine."  A preacher should read this book every year until his voice is stilled and God calls the preacher home.
Thanks for writing this book.
I commend it to preachers everywhere!
In Christ,
Dr. Stephen W. Brown
Professor of Preaching
Reformed Theological Seminary
Orlando, Florida
Dr. Steve Brown, professor Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida; author of How To Talk So People Will Listen; and the teacher on Key Life, a daily syndicated Bible teaching program.
Dr. Kirksey has addressed clearly and helpfully the Biblical mandate and mission of the preacher. Filled with memorable quotations and illustrations, Dr. Kirksey's concise volume paints an accurate and inspiring picture of what sound Biblical preaching is and who the sound Biblical preacher must be. Another commendable feature of the Book is its many Biblical references, indicating that Dr. Kirksey's priority is to define and discuss preaching from God's perspective, before whom the preacher lives and serves, and to Whom the preacher must give an account.

Dr. David L. Olford , President, Olford Ministries International, Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. David L. Olford, an ordained minister of the Gospel, has been president of OMI since 1994. His preaching and teaching ministry, based in Memphis, Tennessee, has taken him across the country and to many foreign countries. Dr. Olford ministered with his father, Dr. Stephen Olford for 19 years, and together they co-authored the book Anointed Expository Preaching and he is editor of A Passion for Preaching . Dr. Olford has served as an Adjunct Faculty member for a number of seminaries, and he has been a Board member of the National Religious Broadcasters and E.K. Bailey Ministries for many years. Olford is slated to serve as The Stephen Olford Professor of Expository Preaching and Assistant to the President of Union University, Jackson, Tennessee.

 "Sound Biblical Preaching should be on the "Must Read" list for every pastor.  It is written by a fellow pastor who has made a life-long study and practice of Biblical preaching.  The book covers a wide landscape from accepting and affirming God's call to the practical development and delivery of Biblical sermons.   It is filled with rich insights about preaching from pastors who have excelled in preaching God's Word.  In addition, the writer has included several pages of quality book titles for readers interested in a continued study of sound Biblical preaching."
Dr. Howard B. Foshee, Former Director, Christian Development, Baptist Sunday School Board (BSSB) now LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention;Former Editor, Church Administration magazine, Nashville, Tennessee.  National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) Hall of Fame, Significant Contributor, 1988.  Author of Broadman Church Manual & NOW that You’re a DEACON

It is obvious that this author and pastor of First Baptist Church, Spanish Fort, did extensive research in the production of this work, which focuses on the advantages of expository preaching.

As a pastor, this reviewer has been motivated to place more prayer and effort into the task of preaching because of this helpful volume.

In an age when many pastors do not give priority to the ministry of preaching, it is refreshing to read an author who states, "God's chosen method of communicating His Word is preaching."

Quite frankly, it has been a moving experience to read an author whose "prayer is that a new wave of mighty, sound biblical preachers will rise up across the land, bringing the new life of God to our broken civilization."

Dr. Walter G. Nunn, The Alabama Baptist, Thursday, October 20, 2005

SOUND BIBLICAL PREACHING: Giving the Bible a Voice, by Franklin L. Kirksey; BookSurge, LLC; Three Parts, 10 Chapters, 151 Pages; $12.99, Paper

The author, a pastor in Alabama, is concerned about the kind of preaching we have in pulpits today and wants a return to the days of yore. We agree! (His message, “Lord, Send a Revival!” appeared in our September-October issue.)

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This book is divided into 3 major parts, “Accepting God’s Call to Preach” (3 chapters), “Affirming God’s Call to Preach” (3 chapters), and “Apprehending God’s Call to Preach” (4 chapters). Kirksey has researched widely and well. There are 225 “notes” given in the back of the book, where quotes are found, and his Bibliography is extensive (covering 15 pages). In fact, much of the book contains quotations by a tremendous number of experts on preaching, giving their views. My heart was stirred by them and yours will be, too.

There are 12 pages of commendations for the volume in the front, some of them from a number of America’s (and the world’s) finest preachers. One is from our friend and The Biblical Evangelist columnist, C. Sumner Wemp, who called it “one of the most intriguing books on preaching that I have seen in years.”

We are glad to add our endorsement!

Dr. Robert L. Sumner, The Biblical Evangelist, Raleigh, North Carolina

Sound Biblical Preaching

“This book is a must read for everyone who has a pulpit ministry. It will stoke the fire in any preacher's heart and make him want to go out and ‘Preach the Word’. Franklin Kirksey's passion for sound biblical preaching is contagious. This book is not only informative; it is inspirational. It is a must read for anyone who has a pulpit ministry. Kirksey has made a valuable contribution to the revival of expository, biblical preaching in our contemporary age. In a day when preaching is being relegated to the sidelines this book restores preaching to its place of preeminence.”

Dr. Roger D. Willmore, serves as Senior Pastor of Deerfoot Baptist Church in Trussville, Alabama. Minister at Large for Olford Ministries International in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Willmore has a passion for expository preaching and ministry to ministers. Writer of numerous articles on preaching and pastoral ministry for LifeWay publications, Preaching magazine and SermonCity (now PastorLife). Current First Vice President of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, Vice Chairman of the LifeWay Christian Resources Board of Trustees and past President of the Alabama Baptist State Convention Pastors' Conference.

Of value to preachers, March 29, 2005
Franklin Kirksey's commitment to solid biblical preaching is demonstrated on every page. This book will be of value to any preacher who wishes to more effectively proclaim God's Word.

Michael Duduit
Editor, Preaching magazine

Dr. Kirksey's book, Sound Biblical Preaching, is a must read for every preacher who takes seriously the biblical instruction to “preach the Word.” To “rightly divide the Word of Truth” means to cut it straight. Kirksey cuts it straight and his book is a powerful resource for those who want to practice sound biblical preaching in the 21st century

Bob Dasal, Vice-President
WORDsearch Bible Software

Former Editor-in-Chief of Pulpit Helps Magazine


It is refreshing indeed to read a book that serves to remind ministers and teachers of the depth, wonder, and sufficiency of God's Word. Dr. Franklin Kirksey, a gifted author and pastor, has delivered just such a text. Sound Biblical Preaching calls us to return to scriptural truth, structure, and expository preaching at a time when the church has become inundated with humanistic principles and topical presentations. Dr. Kirksey has initiated a "homecoming" for his fellow preachers that will return power and authority to the pulpit. It is my pleasure to recommend it to ministers, counselors, and educators everywhere!
W.P. "Ab" Abercrombie, Ph.D.
Co-Founder: The Biblical Counseling Institute
Co-author of CHRISTIAN SHRINKS Answer ALL Your Questions…(No Couch Required)

Dr. Ab Abercrombie
The Biblical Counseling Institute
235 North Circle
Fairhope, AL 36532
(251) 401-0293


"Every pastor, teacher and layman should have this book in their 'must read' collection of books.  This book gets to the heart of the condition in many of our churches today; the lack of sound biblical preaching, teaching and proclaiming the Word of God.  At the same time this book is a great encouragement to those who teach the Word in all truth and with much prayer."
--Dorothy Harbison, Sunday school teacher for over forty years, First Baptist Church of Spanish Fort, Alabama 


" Dr. Franklin Kirksey has given the pastoral ministry a great gift in his book Sound Biblical Preaching.   As a church planter and a mentor to church planters, I believe this book will help every church planter to a call to biblical preaching in such a way that will lay the foundations for the future of the new church.  Dr. Kirksey has given an anthology of preaching and preachers that will be invaluable to every student of preaching.  This fresh reminder of the call to ministry, and the committment to expository preaching and teaching is invaluable to the foundations of a new church.  May we see the day as biblical preaching, God-called visionary leadership, sound growth principles, and just hard work will raise up millions of new churches who see their calling as world mission strategy centers, every Christian leader as a mission strategist, and every believer a kingdom mission agent in the marketplace.  I believe that Sound Biblical Preaching will be a valuable contribution to see this new day a reality."
Dr. George W. Garner has served as a pastor for many years and as Association Director of Missions/Church Starter Strategist, 1990-

2001, Platte Valley Baptist Association, Flagler, CO; National Missionary for Town and Country Church Planting, North

American Mission Board, SBC, 2001-2005; State Director of Missions/Leadership Consultant, Utah-Idaho Southern

Baptist Convention, 2004.  Dr. Garner is currently serving under appointment with NAMB in a dual role to be a church planting catalyst in the region and to lead KCBC to be a model as an Acts 1:8 Church Planting Church. 

George W. Garner, D. Miss.
Missions Pastor/Church Planting Director,  Ken Caryl Baptist Church
8395 W. Ken Caryl Ave.
Littleton, CO 80128
Office:  303-973-1700
Cell:  303 518-4032


"Love the book!" --Steve Brown, Key Life Network

Dr. Steve Brown is a radio broadcaster, seminary professor and author. He previously served as a pastor for over twenty-five years and now devotes much of his time to the radio broadcast, Key Life.   Steve serves as Professor of Preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He sits on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters and Harvest USA. Traveling extensively, Steve is a much-in-demand speaker.  Steve is the author of numerous books including Born Free, When Being Good Isn't Good Enough and When Your Rope Breaks. His articles appear in such magazines and journals as Leadership, Decision, Plain Truth and Today's Christian Woman.

"Excellent book!"
Terry Wilhite, Communications & Multimedia Specialist Wilhite's leadership, communication, music and multimedia columns appear internationally in some of the world’s most respected online and printed venues.
'More than 90,000 readers enjoy his monthly columns in publications such as Technologies for Worship Magazine, Christian Computing and Pulpit Helps.'
"I also took time to read your book while in Africa, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was challenged to work
more diligently than ever in preparing and preaching  expositional biblical messages in my own ministry."
Rev. Terry A. Veazey, Harvesters International P.O. Box 240762 Montgomery, AL 36124-0762 USA
(334) 272-1469 office (334) 272-3388 fax (334) 221-0246 cellular phone (via e-mail 04/20/06)
Since 1970, Evangelist Terry Veazey has traveled more than three million miles world-wide, proclaiming the Gospel in most of the USA and in more than fifty nations on five continents. Multitudes have trusted in Jesus Christ during Terry's evangelistic campaigns, and thousands of native church leaders are being trained to reach their own regions with the Gospel.


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Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey

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